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Youth For Peace International

To foster understanding and respect among the population by bringing young people from different religions and backgrounds together to serve their communities.

Creating a culture of tolerance and understanding by instilling an awareness and appreciation of human rights.

Believing in the universality of human rights and faith in making

About Us

Zakaria El Hamel

As a President of Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures in Morocco, Zakaria El Hamel made the choice, at a very young age, to dedicate his life to a more peaceful and tolerant world. ZAKARIA EL HAMEL IS ENCOURAGING A NEW GENERATION TO STAND UP FOR PEACE AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN TURBULENT ARABIC WORLD LOCATED IN THE NORTHWESTERN corner of Africa, just 10 miles from the shores of Spain, the Kingdom of Morocco is one of the most diverse and beautiful land spaces in Africa. From the snowcapped peaks of the Atlas Mountains to the sweeping dunes of the Sahara, Morocco has it all-including more than a thousand miles of Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline. It is a country with European and Arab influences, a powerful and popular monarch, and a strong Islamic base. In stark contrast to neighboring nations of Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, Morocco has remained relatively terror-free; it’s the last safe haven in North Africa. This fact can be attributed to it being one of the most tolerant Muslim nations and to its increased security efforts with Spain, France, and the United States to fight global terrorism

About Us

Freedom of expression is at the center of all freedoms, it’s a multiplier of other rights. Zakaria El Hamel is a Multi-Award Winner in the field of Peace and Human rights, Zakaria is particularly interested in starting an interfaith dialogue that can increase understanding and peace between people of different religions. A Youth for Human Rights ambassador and a professional video team came to Morocco to shoot his activities so as to inspire others around the world to work for peace and harmony. Zakaria said << I am very proud to have been selected and I am looking forward to having Morocco featured internationally as an example of good work >>

Our Awards and Recognitions

Youth for Peace International has during its prestigious history received a number of leading international human rights awards recognizing its legal contribution to the promotion and development of international human rights standards and practice.

• Public Peace prize-Canada

• Books for Peace Award /Italy Rome

• Ghana Peace Award

• Pan-African Humanitarian Awards/Young Achievers Prize On Peace Advocacy

• Named Among 100 Most Positively Inspiring African Youths for 2017

• the 2014 Arab Youth Excellence Award in the field of human rights.

• nommé au Cercle universel des ambassadeurs de la paix

• Young Ambassador for Peace(UPF)

• Community Spirit Peace Award

• Human rights Peace Awards laureate

• Kofi Annan Peace Awards laureate

• Leadership Peace Awards laureate

• Man of peace awards laureate

• Multicultural Peace Award laureate

• Pan-African Humanitarian Awards

• Shortlisted Nominees Announced For 2017 Africa Youth Awards


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